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Leviathan exhibited at China's largest water technology exhibition in Shanghai as part of the delegation from Smart Cities Water.


Leviathan Energy participated in a panel with Microsoft, Google, and Paypal on Research and Development in Israel in September 2012.

Hydroelectric technology unveiled in desert.

Hydroelectric technology unveiled in desert

JETRO sponsored Leviathan Energy to participate in its Smart Grid and associated energy shows in Tokyo in February 2013.

Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric has received both the Eureka and Eurogia labels for technological excellence from the EU.

The Israeli government chose Leviathan Energy Hydroelectric for a marketing grant in 2013 as part of the Smart Cities water consortium.

Sri LankaLeviathan Energy participated in a delegation to India and Sri Lanka in March 2013 to discuss Israeli water technologies. The delegation met with companies and government officials, including the Sri Lankan Minister of Water. Here is a picture of CEO Dr. Farb with a director of the Tamilnadu Water Investment Company in Coimbatore, India.